Pick Seven Halloween Candies And We’ll Reveal Which Spooky Horror Character You’ll Go On A Date With

Are you one of those people who really goes all out for Halloween? Do you enjoy everything that is involved with creating a spooky and super realistic Halloween themed home décor? Do you just love organizing and planning a big Halloween party for all your loved ones with lots of tasty spooky treats, great music, and, above all, amazing costumes? If so, you understand how important two things are when it comes to properly celebrating Halloween: Costumes and candy, of course. Halloween is not Halloween without those two. Of course, coming up with a great costume must be one of your specialties, from dressing up in one of the classics, such as witches, ghosts and mummies, to costumes that are far more sophisticated. But when it comes to candy, the policy is simple: The more, the better.


So, if you share our love for Halloween and candy, then we would like to invite you over to Buzzfeed community, to try their latest post to help you get in a festive mood and ready for Halloween. Just for fun, would you not like to reveal your candy Halloween Date just by choosing among your most favorite type of tasty treats? That is right, just choose your favorite among the most delicious chocolate, gummy candy, lollipops and more and your selections will reveal in this post from Buzzfeed Halloween your ideal candy date for Halloween. Try it for yourself and do not forget to share it with your friends for a few good laughs.