Laptop Repair Northern KY

With a little under 90% of American households now estimated to own either a personal computer or computer laptop – the internet age is truly upon us. However, this new digital and technological era brings with it some problems, as computers are not always that reliable and the increased frequency of cyber-attacks is causing havoc too. As our dependence upon computers increases it become more important than ever to us to be able to fix problems as soon as they arise. If you are based in Northern Kentucky and dependent upon your home or business computer for your job, school work or to communicate with family then you will at some time need to arrange for a Computer Repair Northern KY service.



Whether you need a computer or Laptop Repair Northern KY service you should contact Community Computer Services for their personable computer support services. As you would expect from a family-owned business with over 25 years’ experience in computer repair, they are highly recommended, with customer testimonials praising their friendly, trustworthy and knowledgeable staff. They offer fast in store computer repair, upgrade and servicing and they can also collect and deliver your computer to and from your office or home. Their list of computer repair services includes; virus and spyware removal, data backup, transfer and recovery, laptop screen repair, repair or replacement of AC/DC ports, USB Ports, and media card slots, Component part replacement, repair and upgrade, replacement power supply, network and computer operating system troubleshooting, and much more besides.