Kids Dirt Bikes

If your kids have a love of the outdoors or perhaps they are a little more sedentary and you would like to help them develop a sense of adventure than an ATV or a dirt bike is a great introduction to the world of off-roading. With an ATV then can independently explore their surrounding landscape and discover hard to reach and hidden areas of the natural landscape. As long as the ATV isn’t driven on the road then there is no need for a driving licence. Of course, some instructional and safety training is advised along with the right productive clothing and headwear – a crash helmet is a necessity – but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a dangerous activity. If you kids are responsible and make sure not to exceed sensible speeds or attempt manoeuvres beyond their abilities they can stay safe and have a whole lot of fun.



For extra peace of mind Kids Dirt Bikes, are usually fitted with lower powered engines, so that they don’t reach the top speeds that might cause severe injury should a collision occur. By their natures, Kids ATVs will also have a lower centre of gravity and with ergonomic breaks and simplified controls it makes for a more stable ride with less likelihood of the ATV rolling over.



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