Garbage Chute Fusible Link

Fire Safety around the home is incredibly important and making sure that all the fittings and fixtures in your home are up to code is paramount, both in order to ensure you home complies legally with any local or national building and fire codes, and to protect your family or tenants’ safety.



One area of particular risk for the spread of fire is a garbage chute. In order to prevent the spread of fire from lower floors where garbage is collected, your garbage chute should be fitted with a discharge door at the point where garbage exits the chute. This can either be a rolling, guillotine, swinging (hopper) or accordion door which is fitted with a Garbage Chute Fusible Link. The fusible link holds the door open in normal operation, allowing garbage to pass freely out of the chute. In the case of fire, the fusible link is designed to melt and break. This loosens the chain and allows the door to slam shut, thus preventing smoke and fire from travelling up the chute and spreading to upper story’s.


You can buy a replacement fusible link for your garbage chute discharge online. Choose a chain link type which can be cut to any size and ensure it is fire rated to at least 165 degrees. Other types of chutes which would benefit from a fusible link kit for their discharge door include laundry chutes, mail chutes in commercial buildings, and escape chutes for use during emergency evacuation of high-rise buildings.