Chute Door Hardware

Laundry Chutes can be found in hotels, apartments and other multi-story residential buildings to allow the quick transfer of dirty or used linens from upper floors to a lower floor or basement level where laundry facilities are available. Imagine how convenient it would be to place your clothes directly in a chute and have them ‘disappear’ – with no unsightly laundry basket that needs to be transported around – and have them waiting for you in your laundry area, ready for when you next have time to load the washer.



Usually laundry chutes are made from welded metal pieces or other fire-safe materials forming an enclosed tunnel. A locking access door or cover is essential both to meet building codes in respect of fire safety and also concerns over child safety. They can be especially alluring to children to drop things down, or even be tempted to slide down themselves which can lead to serious injury or worse. Laundry chutes fell out of favor due to these worries and also the idea that they would quickly spread smoke and fire throughout a building. Nowadays though child-safe and locking Chute Door Hardware can ameliorate any risks and laundry chutes are once again a luxury and functional feature of modern homes.


You can buy high quality replacement chute handles and latches for your chute door online and they are simple and easy to install. A popular design is a tee handle which is compatible with both bottom and hinged and side hinged chute intake doors.