Fire Shutter


There is no doubt that tragedies could happen to anyone, and when they do, you feel so helpless, unable to do anything. However, you could always have a plan to tackle any obstacle that comes your way. Speaking of tragedies, the only thing that has turned the huge buildings into crisps is the fire. It could happen to anyone, despite the smoke alarms, there is practically no way to stop it. Although, what you can do is prevent the fire from spreading anymore.



This is why a lot of business owners consider it mandatory to have Fire Curtains installed in their workplace. Fire Curtain is made from e-glass or fiberglass, and it is designed to withstand an enormous amount of heat. You can find fire curtains in the market made from different materials, depending on the material, they can withstand around 600 Celsius of heat.


Traditionally, fire curtains are attached with the fire alarms, therefore, whenever fire breaks out, it can automatically deploy and stop the fire from doing any serious damage. Sometimes fire curtains come with their own alarm, but regardless of what alarm you will be using, it is still better than manually pulling the curtains in an event of fire. If you are looking for a place to buy good quality Fire Curtains or a Fire Shutter then A1S Group is the place to go. They have becoming a leading supplier and manufacturer of quality Fire Curtains, Fire Shutters, and Roller Shutters.

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