Thailand Dating


True relationships do not come by easy. Are you looking for a partner to share with and spend some quality time and kill your loneliness? Put your step in the dating game with Thai Dating at Our product and service? It is to offer companionship to people and individuals who are looking to build true and trustworthy relationships with other people.

Based on your locality, interests, and preferences we strive to offer you the best matches that could turn into lifelong relations for you. We also offer state-of-the-art features and functionalities on our website and mobile app.

LikeMe feature enables you to skip or like other members looking for partners. You have the power and control to pick and choose according to your own preferences and liking! A mutual like will strike up a connection between you and another member and will allow both the individuals to continue communicating with each other.

Nearest Users is a specialized search page that includes an interactive map. This allows you to search for other people, who are interested in Thailand Dating, within a specified radius with your own location as the reference point. Don’t worry this is 100% safe as your exact location is never disclosed.

So you found someone that you are interested in? With Text and Video Chats you can now send winks, smiles, and virtual gifts to another and maybe even add them to your favorites! If you wish to learn and understand other Hot Thai Girls even better then you may want to video chat or text through our Instant Messenger.

Hey! So what is the catch? There are none! Our Dating Site for Free has no strings attached and is ready for you to use and find your loved one. What are you waiting for? Log on to ThaiDateMe and find your best match that you have been looking for.


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Laptop Repair Northern KY

With a little under 90% of American households now estimated to own either a personal computer or computer laptop – the internet age is truly upon us. However, this new digital and technological era brings with it some problems, as computers are not always that reliable and the increased frequency of cyber-attacks is causing havoc too. As our dependence upon computers increases it become more important than ever to us to be able to fix problems as soon as they arise. If you are based in Northern Kentucky and dependent upon your home or business computer for your job, school work or to communicate with family then you will at some time need to arrange for a Computer Repair Northern KY service.



Whether you need a computer or Laptop Repair Northern KY service you should contact Community Computer Services for their personable computer support services. As you would expect from a family-owned business with over 25 years’ experience in computer repair, they are highly recommended, with customer testimonials praising their friendly, trustworthy and knowledgeable staff. They offer fast in store computer repair, upgrade and servicing and they can also collect and deliver your computer to and from your office or home. Their list of computer repair services includes; virus and spyware removal, data backup, transfer and recovery, laptop screen repair, repair or replacement of AC/DC ports, USB Ports, and media card slots, Component part replacement, repair and upgrade, replacement power supply, network and computer operating system troubleshooting, and much more besides.

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Garbage Chute Fusible Link

Fire Safety around the home is incredibly important and making sure that all the fittings and fixtures in your home are up to code is paramount, both in order to ensure you home complies legally with any local or national building and fire codes, and to protect your family or tenants’ safety.



One area of particular risk for the spread of fire is a garbage chute. In order to prevent the spread of fire from lower floors where garbage is collected, your garbage chute should be fitted with a discharge door at the point where garbage exits the chute. This can either be a rolling, guillotine, swinging (hopper) or accordion door which is fitted with a Garbage Chute Fusible Link. The fusible link holds the door open in normal operation, allowing garbage to pass freely out of the chute. In the case of fire, the fusible link is designed to melt and break. This loosens the chain and allows the door to slam shut, thus preventing smoke and fire from travelling up the chute and spreading to upper story’s.


You can buy a replacement fusible link for your garbage chute discharge online. Choose a chain link type which can be cut to any size and ensure it is fire rated to at least 165 degrees. Other types of chutes which would benefit from a fusible link kit for their discharge door include laundry chutes, mail chutes in commercial buildings, and escape chutes for use during emergency evacuation of high-rise buildings.

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Chute Door Hardware

Laundry Chutes can be found in hotels, apartments and other multi-story residential buildings to allow the quick transfer of dirty or used linens from upper floors to a lower floor or basement level where laundry facilities are available. Imagine how convenient it would be to place your clothes directly in a chute and have them ‘disappear’ – with no unsightly laundry basket that needs to be transported around – and have them waiting for you in your laundry area, ready for when you next have time to load the washer.



Usually laundry chutes are made from welded metal pieces or other fire-safe materials forming an enclosed tunnel. A locking access door or cover is essential both to meet building codes in respect of fire safety and also concerns over child safety. They can be especially alluring to children to drop things down, or even be tempted to slide down themselves which can lead to serious injury or worse. Laundry chutes fell out of favor due to these worries and also the idea that they would quickly spread smoke and fire throughout a building. Nowadays though child-safe and locking Chute Door Hardware can ameliorate any risks and laundry chutes are once again a luxury and functional feature of modern homes.


You can buy high quality replacement chute handles and latches for your chute door online and they are simple and easy to install. A popular design is a tee handle which is compatible with both bottom and hinged and side hinged chute intake doors.

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